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Digital Solution applications on offer from Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTDVaughan Training & Consultancy LTD have links with two of the worlds leading and most innovative investigative interviewing digital solution providers for both Public Sector investigative agencies and investigators in the Private Sector. 

We can provide no nonsense guidance on their application and discuss business benefits from a practical perspective. 

Interview management Solutions working with Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD to professionalise the investigative interview arena

VTC have links with one of the most innovative investigative interviewing management systems in the world.

The TILES™ system provides value across every stage of the interview process. Pre-interview, the TILES™ system delivers a formalised framework within which interviewers can prepare a strategic interview plan comprising clear objectives mapped to each phase of the interview.

Once the interview strategy has been prepared, users can add tactical notes designed to assist in the execution of the overarching plan. The availability of hyperlinked documents and mapping and timeline data combine mid-interview to deliver a strategic advantage for the interviewing team who are now able to manage conversation and evidence in synergy.

Post-interview, the exported Interview Report provides interviewers and supervisors with a readily searchable working document or briefing tool.

Putting technology to work at Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD

"Putting Technology to Work"

Business Systems (UK) Ltd is a leading services provider of information gathering technology. For over quarter of a century the company has been entrusted by both public and private institutions with implementing and managing projects that require technical expertise, coupled with process skill.

Using the latest software to record interviews as video or audio digital files from either office-based interview rooms or mobile devices used in the field, the files are uploaded and stored in the network in a secure format, thereby providing a rapid flow of essential information to where it needs to be.

Vocal Recorders developed IRES to establish best practice in the interview and evidence gathering process. The IRES software embraces the standards and ethos set by the Home Office and Criminal Justice System,
maintaining integrity and supporting the vulnerable in both the Public Service and business worlds alike.

“The combination of agile technology and top class
people skills is the key to success.”