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Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD investigative interview programmes can be tailored to meet you needs pby providing investigative interviewing specialist to deliver quality products
"The investigative task is the core aspect of policing today and what emerges from that task is the key element of the ability to interview"
Evans & Webb, 1993,p37.
Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD offer a complete professional interview training programmes for a wide range of investigative interviewing situations. Our courses comply with the College of Policing minimum standards of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 2 Specialist. The programmes are designed to include all the relevant National Occupation Standards as set by Skills for Justice.
Our Training Team is led by Martin Vaughan with the assistance of specialist trainers who are highly experienced practitioners from the investigative interviewing arena having spent many years as detectives in major crime investigations. Not only are they highly skilled practitioners they also possess academic training qualifications so you can be assured of a quality product that meets all of the national requirements.
We offer the following courses that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
New digital  investigative interviewing room equipment promoted by Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD 
  • Level 2 Specialists - Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing
  • Level 2 Specialists - Sex Offender Interviewing
  • Interview Evaluation and Quality Assurance (Formerly Tier 4)                    


Investigative Interviewing Skills Course

The major purpose of this course is to provide practical guidance on investigative interviewing based on psychological theory and research which will enable those charged with conducting investigative interviews in the commercial world with the most effective model of interviewing.

All of our trainers have significant practical experience in the arenas of HR Management and Forensic Investigative Interviewing. In addition all have academic qualification in both relevant subject matter.

The training has been constructed in accordance with Employment legislation: and Interviewing and Investigation guidance material:
PEACE model, Cognitive interview framework,  Employment legislation, ACAS principles

   The course is aimed at all those who have a responsibility to conduct an investigative interview      such as:
Human-Resource-Management at Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD   · HR Personnel
   · Corporate Risk Managers
   · Compliance Officers
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Dates are now available for booking the Investigative Interviewing Skills course

23rd - 25th
April 2019
 Cardiff, South Wales
 3 days
 £550 + VAT
 7th - 9th
May 2018
 3 days
 £550 + VAT
4th - 6th
June 2018
 3 days
 £550 + VAT
24th - 26th
June 2018
 3 days
 £550 + VAT

****** Our latest Worldwide course *****

In association with 

Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD working with Forensic Interview Solutions delivering Interviewing the Corportate Fraudster

Interviewing the Corporate Fraudster 

The 2-day course examines the psychology of fraud. It focuses on the psychological process of how individuals 'Think, Act, React and Interact' within a fraud perpetrating context and examines the behavioural traits of the fraudster.

The course provides ethical solutions for the investigative interviewing of individuals who display 'Corporate Psychopathic' tendencies.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the psychology of Investigative interviewing
  • Describe the four facets of Psychopathy
  • Apply an investigative mind-set
  • Identify opportunity, motivational and rationalisation factors to fraud offending
Business Outcomes
  • Improved fraud prevention and detection
  • Increased levels of detection and loss reduction
  • Effective and improved identified inconsistencies in customer accounts
  • Greater understanding and increased skills raise the effectiveness levels of interviewers, saving time and reducing staff costs
  • Raised staff confidence levels leads to increased job satisfaction and higher employee engagement levels

Interviewing the Corporate Fraudster s a course run by Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD in association with FIS
Dates available In America, Europe & Australia

see above website for full details of 
dates available for 2019

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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services at Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTDThrough our consultancy services we can offer professional skills and independent judgement tailored to your business needs, and which support your organisation's objectives. Our highly qualified team bring specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience to enrich the range of Investigative Interviewing consultancy services available at Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD.

Our specialist consultancy services offer you the chance to discuss your needs in depth with a member of our professional team and to agree the details for a timescale which will suit your needs. We will offer support in negotiating the contract and establishing the costs involved, and ensure the process is smooth and uncomplicated.

For further information please contact us
to discuss your specific requirements.

Digital Interview Recording Solutions

Putting technology to work at Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD
Tailored recording applications relevant to the police and associated law enforcement agencies, Business Systems have developed the next generation of interview and evidence recording technology, incorporating digital audio and video - suitable for those organisations which require secure and accurate evidence as part of their interview process.

Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD highly recommend Business Systems UK as a visionary organisation in the field of digital interviewing solutions for your organisation.

"The combination of agile technology and top class people skills is the key to success"

Business Systems specialises in voice and speech technology solutions and today ranks as the UK’s most experienced independent provider with expertise covering:- systems design, implementation and ongoing service delivery and support

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